Recipe: Creamy Scrambled Eggs With Wild Mushrooms and Herb Purée

Scrambled eggs redefined.

Scrambled eggs redefined. Photo by Dieter Wiechmann

Chef Wiechmann heads over to the Couveé family’s Chip-in Farm in Bedford to choose the freshest eggs for T.W. Food Restaurant.  On occasion, he can even be found on the farm sorting eggs with the family.  Chef Tim Wiechmann’s recipe is based on an old 18th century French recipe.  The eggs would have traditionally been cooked in a double boiler to prevent large curds from forming.  

Creamy Scrambled Farm Egg With Wild Mushrooms and Herb Purée
From Chef, Tim Wiechmann, TW Food Restaurant             

For 4 Appetizer Portions
Time: 45 Minutes

12 Local High Quality Eggs
4 T Heavy Cream
1 T Butter
Salt, Black Pepper
Herb Purée:
1 Bunch Parsley
2 T Olive Oil + 2 Ice Cubes
Coarse Sea Salt
Fresh Black Pepper
2 cups wild mushrooms, cleaned and chopped, morels, chanterelles, whatever is in season

1. Combine 8 Eggs with 4 Yolks. Discard the excess whites.

2. Blanche parsley in salted boiling Water for 1 Minute including the stems. Quickly transfer to blender, add 2 ice cubes, olive oil and salt. Blend to thick purée.

3 Melt butter in a high rim saucepan, add the egg mixture and whisk over med. low heat. (vigorously). The mix will set up slowly. Do not allow large thick curds to form on the bottom or sides of the pan. The eggs should curdle to small grains. At this point, move the pan off the heat and add the heavy cream to cool the mass and stop any continued cooking. Taste and season.   

4. In a deep bowl or cup, or martini glass, spoon the parsley purée into the bottom. Cover with the eggs, sauté wild mushrooms in butter, season, spoon these over the top and serve.         

TW Food Restaurant is located at 377 Walden street, Cambridge, MA.
For reservations, phone (617) 864-4745.






2 responses to “Recipe: Creamy Scrambled Eggs With Wild Mushrooms and Herb Purée

  1. That is so beautiful & sinful, I can taste it in my mind. I’ve never thought of adding extra yolks, top tip. Thanks!

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